Hot For 2014 – Hotpress Magazine

“Fusing soul, hip hop, and the kind of ‘confessional singer-songwriter 2.0” approach that made ED Sheeran a star, Chris Haze has stumbled on a strain of music that’s essentially a hybrid of everything leaping to the top of the singles charts this decade. That said, there’s nothing cynical here, with plenty of hidden depths and strange twists and turns to be found in his tunes. “Summer Daze” is, on the face of it, a catchy sing-speak celebration of the sunniest season. But the intricate, mournful bed of guitars actually recalls critically-underrated mancuniam bedsit poet Vini Reilly , regret-filled strings add double meanings. Haze thaught himself guitar back in 2011 and immediately began writing. His first demo featured London hip hop artist Lexeeeee and he’s maintained that genre connection, collaborating with Bitter Rocc extensively,  Debut single “Over And Over” gained plenty of traction last year. He’s toured with The Original Rudeboys. Now he aims to emulate their swift rise”

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